Spring Hill TN Locksmith

“Right now,” you say. “I don’t need a locksmith right now.” I know. Unfortunately, when you do need a locksmith, you’re most likely to be in a crisis situation; not the best time to have to make any decision, much less a decision about who to call to get you into your house or into your car.

Maybe you’ve already been in the position of needing help with a car lockout or a house lockout. You already know that when you needed the locksmith, you needed him immediately. You know better than anyone that you should make this decision when you’re not stressed out. So how do you find a good locksmith?

Recommendations are a good start. Ask your friends, talk to your insurance agent, see if any of your neighbors have had to call a locksmith lately. Did they like him? Do they have his business car?

If you have the time, drive by the locksmith’s address to make sure that his address exists. Some locksmiths in Spring Hill or Columbia make up fake addresses or buy phone numbers in your area even though they live and work far away. Local businessmen are going to be responsible to you. They’re in your neighborhood. If someone isn’t honest about their address and phone number, how honest are they going to be about your costs?

A side note: the address is important, but the shop being open 24/7 really isn’t. Your locksmith often has calls to run which take him away from his shop. If the address connects up to a physical shop, he’s there. If he’s gone, he’ll be back. Make a note to call him for a time to meet and discuss your locksmith concerns.

Ask your locksmith for an estimate of costs before he does the job. He may not always be able to give you an exact price, but he should be able to give you a quote that is very close to the final bill he hands you. If something unexpected comes up while he’s working, he’ll stop and talk to you about it and get your approval.

I called them because the battery died on my bolt lock and I could not find the key. He came out in 30 minutes, opened the door, re-keyed all the doors, and made me new matching keys for all my doors. His price was very reasonable for emergency service. I highly recommend this company.

Bill N.

How To Choose A Locksmith

If your locksmith is coming to you, look for a van advertising his business name and phone numbers. Any reputable locksmith will have his business name painted on his van. Ask for a business card when he arrives at your door.

Most locks can be opened by a professional. There is, however, a higher and higher number of people learning how to pick locks. Because of this, some lock manufacturers have made high security locks that are virtually un-pickable. That’s good for you unless you’ve locked yourself out of your house. If your locksmith has to drill the lock, which is a very rare occurance, it is because there is no other solution.

And there are some car manufacturers who refuse to reveal key codes for their vehicles. In those rare cases, your locksmith will have to refer you to the dealer to get you into your car. That will then involve a towing charge as well as the charges to get into the vehicle and to make a duplicate key. Unfortunately, there’s nothing the locksmith can do about the manufacturer’s decisions.

The primary thing to remember is this: you will need a locksmith. At some point in time, you will need a locksmith. Start looking around your neighborhood today for the local businessman who is going to be reliable, responsible and reasonable. You’ll find him! Perhaps you already did. Vadai Lock and Key can be your locksmith of choice.

Vadai Lock and Key provides locksmith services in Spring Hill 37174 as well as all nearby cities in Tennessee