Locksmith in Fairview

Vadai Lock and Key serve Williamson County and the city of Fairview with fast and efficient emergency and general locksmith services. As a small business, we’re happy to provide a reliable and friendly small-town service here in Fairview. Our customers do not have to call out to Nashville or other cities in and around Williamson County for help, because we’re right here.

In a city where most people own their homes, we’ve found that there are really 5 top or most common reasons people think of hiring a locksmith:

They’ve bought a new home.

Moving into a new home is always an exciting adventure. Homeowners want to put their stamp on their new spot. They are ready to decorate and fill this home with lots of special occasions and memories. Securing the new home is also a top concern. Homeowners, in general like the peace of mind from knowing theirs is the only set of keys that can access their house and we are happy to come out and fit new locks to your premises and discuss with you all the options now available, from traditional locks to the new technologies in electronic security.

Changing locks after a break-in

This is among one of the worst things any property owner would hope not to face. Luckily here in Fairview, our crime rate is pretty low. The website neighbor hood scout tracks crime statistics across the country and lists Fairview, TN as well below the median average. A fact for which we are very proud. Nonetheless, burglary and theft, for home and motor vehicles are two persistent issues which we must contend with. We’d much prefer getting in touch to help prevent such crimes by getting your property outfitted with the best we have to offer. At Vadai Lock and Key, our qualified door service technicians can advise you on keyed or key-less door entry options. As well as options from simple spring bolt lock to cylindrical deadbolt type locks to a more sophisticated mortise lock. A spring bolt/latch lock is the most common type of locking mechanism. It is, however, more susceptible to being “jimmied” because of how the locking mechanism works than other types of locks. It’s recommended, particularly for outer doors, to use a combination of a spring bolt in conjunction with a deadbolt or mortise lock. Deadbolts are thicker and heavier than spring locks and are normally comprised of steel, bronze or brass, and they extend deeper into the door frame, typically about one inch more than spring locks. A mortise lock is another type of locking mechanism that offers a bit more protection. They are recessed and set inside the frame of the door, which makes it harder to “Jimmy” and gives the door an extra level of protection. If, unfortunately, the security of your property has been breached and your motor vehicle or home was broken into; after calling the Police, let us be the next phone call you make. In an emergency situation such as this, our representatives are available to quickly and efficiently get you secured and begin the process of restoring your peace of mind.

Locksmith store

Been accidentally locked out

Another reason we’ve found about why customers need our locksmith services include locking the keys inside the house or car. This happens more frequently than you’d think. It’s a fact that we lead busy and chaotic lives and there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to get done, all the things we need to be done.

Replacing lost keys

Misplacing keys is another key reason we’re frequently called out. Locking ourselves out or having trouble remembering where we last saw those darn keys are so common that we have repeat customers. If this has happened to you feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves on our homegrown and friendly customer service. We want to get you on your way and help you take care of this one, unexpected, to-do item on the list of things you’ve got going on today. Accidents happen and there’s no need to feel embarrassed. Our team is easy to talk to and will work with you to quickly find a solution.

The key broke – Can you get a key cut from a broken key?

This question gets asked more frequently than you’d think across all our service areas in College Grove, Culleoka, Arrington and here in Fairview. Each case is different and of course, the type of lock and locking system plays a large part in how that case is treated. Generally speaking here at Vadai Lock and Key we have specialized equipment and machinery that can in most cases be used to remake a key for that lock. In all instances, our technicians will make a visit to your property to assess the damage. For starters, we’d have to remove the lock casing from the door and disassemble the casing to remove the key. This is something that you should only trust a trained locksmith and not attempt yourself with a screwdriver or other device so as to avoid damaging the locking mechanism.  In most cases replacing the key is a simple process that we can do in-house with our specialized equipment, providing the lock itself remains intact. Usually, it’s not a good idea to repair the key, and the best practice is to replace it. When keys break its often a sign of wear and tear on the key or you could be in a hurry to access the lock and apply more strength than necessary to turn the key and that puts stress on the metal causing it to break. Less frequently might be that the lock itself may be worn. This can happen since its made from metal and will warp naturally due to extreme weather (hot or cold) and that kind of movement – expansion and contraction, over time causes, wear on the internal gears and parts. So, if your key breaks once, definitely call us over to help you retrieve the broken pieces and replace them. However, if it breaks more than a couple of times this raises a flag that this lock may be on the fritz and its now time to make a change.

Most often a locksmith is called in when there’s an emergency service needed. And this is as it should be since locks are mechanical devices that work more times than they don’t. There are a few critical scenarios in which a locksmith is needed to ensure that your locks function at key capacity. At Vadai Lock and Key, our technicians are trained to assess the condition of your locks to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency and correctly providing you protection as the manufacturer intended. To maintain their integrity, consider having your locks serviced at regular intervals to prevent failures such as the key breaking or the cylinders/tumblers becoming jammed. You invest in your property and care about its security, maintaining a good locking system is integral to protecting your possessions and keeping you and your family secured.  Get in touch with us for a free quote, we operate 24/7 and our licensed technicians are also bonded and insured, be assured that you are getting a professional service at a fair and reasonable price. Our mission is to make each customer and their property feel secure.